Rune Grammofon

Sailing to Byzantium

Check out Rune Grammofon´s “Sailing to Byzantium“, celebrating the label´s 150 releases, featuring Phaedra alongside a broad selection of amazing Rune Grammofon artists…

Nice review in The Quietus here:

“It’s barely possible to recommend it high enough, but every facet of Sailing to Byzantium and all of Rune Grammofon deserves to be heard, nay experienced in all of their explosive original glory.”

“Phaedra’s ‘Honeydewed Autumn’ simply weeps with the kind of intricate lyricism our own native speakers have lacked since Sandy Denny fell down the stairs, the words interleaving with sparse guitar & string accompaniment, treading that thin line between genuinely uplifting and heart-breaking honesty.”

Night Tripper in Vienna tonight

Tonight Night Tripper plays again in Vienna, deep in the Viennese forest



Night Tripper review in The Guardian

This weekend Night Tripper played in Bristol at the In Between Time festival, here´s a nice review in The Guardian – “an extraordinary piece, simple yet powerfully affecting” – wow!

Night tripper is nominated for Osloprisen 2012!

We´re humble and happy being nominated for Best Performance Piece 2012 by Norwegian magazine Natt&Dag, check it out here!


First to die – live in Portugal

While touring Spain and Portugal this spring, the people behind bodyspace made this nice little live video with us. Check it out!

Also, check out the other beautiful videos in their Videoteca series!


Kampnagel, Hamburg

Tomorrow and Saturday we play the Orchard Ballads at Kampnagel, Hamburg! If you´re in the area, come! More info about the performances here and see the trailer here:


Night Tripper

This spring and summer I´ve been busy composing the music for the piece NIGHT TRIPPER .

Night Tripper draws from the idea of nature as animistic, where lingering too long at the crossroads can turn true believers into ‘divine horsemen’. Beginning at twilight and leading into the night, Night Tripper is a walk, a concert, a ritual and social event where your companions include performers, peculiar instruments, an invisible choir and potent spirits. Here´s a small teaser, more information will come soon…


Night Tripper a collaboration between choreographer Ingri Fiksdal, scenographer Signe Becker and me. The piece opened in in June in Vienna as part of the Up To Nature festival an the Wiener Festwochen, and will be touring more dates in Bristol, UK – In Between Time festival; Oslo, Norway – produced by Black Box Theatre, Trondheim, Norway, at AvantGarden, and Kuopio, Finland, at the ANTI festival.

You can follow Night Tripper on facebook!

British radio – Nordorama

An extra-special episode dedicated to Norwegian record label Rune Grammofon. After their joint debut UK gig, HB chats to Jenny Hval (a.k.a. rockettothesky) and the lead singer of Phaedra, Ingvild Langgård, about their latest work and what they consider essential Nordic listening. With music ranging from contemporary folk fiddle, to a song recorded on a dictaphone and a brain-busting avant garde interpretation of When The Saints Go Marching In, this is one hot potato of a label, and one ear-melting hour of music. Listen here!



Someone recently told me that Phaedra is also a medicine plant, or drug… supposed to make you breath better. How cool is that? Still, Ephedra has some severe side effect to, like “irregular heartbeat, seizures, heart attack, stroke, or death”. Hm.

Amazing review in Classic Rock PROG!!!


I´m in awe by this amazing review of our London gig, by PROG´s Natasha Scharf…